Our Chromatic/ Color Spectrum

Have you ever dreamt of having a different eye color than the one you currently have/ have by nature?

Can you imagine your face changing its features, by only modifying the color of your eyes?

Would you like to have the eye color of a beloved relative?

Our BlueGreen Medical color spectrum has been designed to change your life in a safe and easy way. We offer an exquisitely selected palette of colors, inspired by the nature of the Costa Blanca shores and cities, and the Mediterranean rich environment in general.  You will be able to choose the intensity of the pigmentation, so the final result can provide you the maximum satisfaction.

Do not worry about your current eye color, if it is dark or light. Our pigments cover the corneal iris completely, with no need for depigmentation, and obtaining a permanent change of your eye color, that will last forever!


To determine the color that best suits your personality,
BlueGreen Medical suggests that you carry out a simulation*.

*Important information: every simulation is very approximate to the real color in the human eye after the surgery. In each patient, the color may vary a little.

Our Colors

Color Touch-Up Policy

The eye color accomplished with our technique can be posteriorly modified on demand after 3 months.  This will be done always taking into account the agreement and medical approval of our BlueGreenMedical specialist Doctors.

This touching up surgical procedure has a cost for the patient. You will only pay for the medical instruments, disposables and the renting of the surgery room equivalent to the duration of the surgical intervention.

The cost for the touch ups is the following:  1500 €


After the surgery2022-05-04T16:43:23+02:00

The operation does not last long, and, as mentioned previously, the color change is permanent.

Your eyesight will be good – even immediately after the operation- and you will regain 100% of your previous/normal vision the very next day.

If after a certain time, you wish to tone down or heighten the intensity of your eye color, you can opt for this possibility. Consult our BlueGreen experts, who will inform you about the conditions.

The surgery2022-05-04T16:42:35+02:00

On the day of your surgical procedure, you will be accommodated in a premium clinic, where you will receive personalized attention at all times.

Do you feel ready to take the final step?2022-05-04T16:42:06+02:00

Contact us, with no hesitation, every time you need it. We are here to inform you in detail about anything related to the surgery and our techniques, and will arrange all the needed procedures and meetings so the final result is a complete satisfaction for both parties.

Time for a careful consideration2022-05-04T16:41:36+02:00

Now that you have received all the vital information related to this procedure, you must take your time to consider and reflect upon the risks and benefits involved, before making any decision.
Take at least 15 days to carefully ponder your options.

Do you dream of changing the color of your eyes?2022-05-04T16:41:03+02:00

First of all, it is very important for you to be well-informed about everything related to this surgical intervention. That is why, you can ask for a complete informative report of the eye color changing techniques, materials, procedures…etc.