Who are we?

BlueGreen Medical S.L. is a registered medical company in Alicante, Spain.

Among our staff, we have the best ophthalmologists and advisors from Spain and Europe.

Throughout 10 years of research, our company has been working hard with our scientific advisors and medical staff, to achieve the most innovative ophthalmic surgical techniques for the eye color change, both in case of pathology or for aesthetic purposes.

Prof. Jorge L. Alió, Professor of Ophthalmology,
Miguel Hernández University

Scientific Senior Consultant
Surgeon in Chief
BlueGreen Medical

What do we do?

Keratopigmentation, is performed to treat various patient needs.

There are various types of needs:

  • Purely cosmetic: Eye colour changes for cosmetic purposes.
  • Therapeutic: In opaque corneas to improve the quality of life of patients by reproducing a healthy eye by means of a tattoo.
  • Functional: In diseases affecting the anatomy of the iris.

The different techniques we use in each patient depend on the initial state of the cornea (opacity) and the affectation of the iris. You can use only one technique or a combination of several techniques so as to achieve an optimal cosmetic outcome

Why with us?, What do we offer?

All the procedures we explain in this website are performed in our Ophthalmological Clinic is in Alicante (Spain). We have a highly qualified team with over twelve years of experience in Keratopigmentation. With keratopigmentation we can make your eyes look alike (from a cosmetic point of view) if you have any corneal opacity, a totally white cornea or any other disease. So the use of cosmetic lenses won’t be necessary after the procedure. This procedure may need touch-ups until we achieve the desired appearance. We can also change the colour of your eyes just for cosmetic purposes. In this procedure femtosecond laser technology is used first, and then the pigment is applied with the chosen colour. This pigmentation may need future touch-ups.

  • Professional ophthalmological doctors with experience
  • Equipment and techniques with high technology
  • With the highest scientific and backed by solid clinical research guarantees
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